Who We Are

Penta Ink and D.A.S Inc work together to offer premiere printing, direct mail and distribution services to hundreds of customers in Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our customers include, but are not limited to, Pizzerias, Chinese Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies, Insurance Companies, Construction Companies, Supermarkets, Political Campaigns, and Beauty Salons.

We design, print, and distribute menus, flyers, newspapers, magazines, and any other print materials, to every neighborhood in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey Region. We are your number one, most reliable, commercial printing solution.

For any questions about the services we offer feel free to contact us we are happy to help.

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Our Founder

Penta1Diego Vivas began his venture by creating D.A.S Inc, which was solely a menu and flyer distribution company. Diego spent years building brand loyalty with his customers by working tirelessly to exceed his customer’s expectations. Customers began to ask if D.A.S Inc could meet their printing and menu design needs. Instead of saying “No we are only a distribution company” Diego, because he believes in customer satisfaction, satisfied his customer’s needs by referring out the design and printing jobs to other companies. What Diego quickly realized was that the jobs were rarely, if ever, done on time and that the quality of the job was poor at best. We all know how vital a first impression is and many times customer’s first impression of a restaurant is through a flyer or a menu. Diego realized this was a serious concern for his customers and asked himself “how can we fix this?”

Diego Vivas decided to create a new company, Penta Ink, to give our customers a better printing service. Creating new designs and providing high quality pictures gives Penta’s customers the satisfaction to create new products, increase sales, and have it in a timely manner. Together, Penta Ink & D.A.S provide a full service design, printing, and distribution firm to satisfy every need of our customers.

Our History of Excellence & Service

Our Skills

We specialize in these skills

  • Photoshop100%
  • Printing100%
  • Direct Mail100%
  • Door to Door Distribution100%
  • Branding100%


More clients love our works & support

The staff at D.A.S has always been thoughtful, courteous, and professional. My menus are printed and distributed on time and I have seen a significant improvement in my profits
Anastasio Botsaris- Phoebes BBQ