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Strategic Distribution Services

D.A.S offers both door to door and direct mailing distribution of flyers, menus, newspapers, newsletters, and magazines in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey regions. Our customer base includes, but is not limited to, Pizzerias, Chinese Restaurants, Real Estate Companies, Insurance Companies, Construction Companies, Supermarkets, Political Organizations, and Beauty Salons.

For any questions about the services we offer feel free to contact us we are happy to help.

Empowering Our Clients

You as a client with D.A.S Inc. will decide when, where, and how many flyers will be distributed. Our distribution specialist will work with your company to create the best campaign for your needs.


The D.A.S. Team
 Our work team is focused on distributing exactly where you request and we have the qualified staff in distribution door to door (no steps, no gates, no floor, and no mailboxes).  Your client will have the need to pick up the advertisement at the moment they enter their home.


Our Distribution Staff
Our distribution staff is always supervised and we count on teams consisting of supervisors and distributors, which at the same time are monitored by the director of logistics. We offer a 100% guarantee that your advertisement will reach its intended destination.
D.A.S. Strategy
We also compare the area of your business with other businesses similar to yours that offer the same services and in the same area which guarantees us to be more efficient in our duties of distribution.  This is very important because our company guarantees you that we will not distribute advertisements to 2 businesses that offer the same services at the same time. For example:  pizzeria with pizzeria, supermarket with supermarket, and insurance company with insurance company.

In some cases we distribute for 2 or 3 businesses at the same time which have nothing in common for example:  pizzeria with supermarket and real estate.  Businesses that do not compete against each other and in this way the advertisements are more effective.


DAS is a Human Team
DAS counts on its human team to offer the best services, we count on the collaboration of sales people who are available to visit you and answer all of your questions.  We count on logistical staff that is in charge of making the maps and keeping records of all zones for each of our clients in global form by zones and specified cities. We also count on an administrative team that will take charge on maintaining your accounts, receive your comments and help in every way we can with distribution and printing of advertisements that are required by you.

Need someone to print & mail your catalog?

We have the highest quality print production facility to handle that for you as well.

Learn About Our Printing

We offer:

We are proud to offer the following services

  • Business & Residential Mailing List100%
  • Presorting, Assembling, and Delivery100%
  • Direct Mail100%
  • Door to Door Distribution100%
  • Bulk Mailing100%


More clients love our works & support

The staff at D.A.S has always been thoughtful, courteous, and professional. My menus are printed and distributed on time and I have seen a significant improvement in my profits
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